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A Day Off!

Customer’s reset their appointment with us on occasions but there are those rare times, when all the planets are in alignment and  appointments are reset by our customers on the same day…in a row. So being that I took off most of the morning to take Mighty Mullet the Wonder Dog to the vet for his checkup., and the  reset their appointments for another day…I had the day off….a definate rarity! 

With no work I did not have any pest control pictures to blog about here, so I took some pics of my day off. 




My favorite son…..and Brandon, lol. 


Mullet gets bored and checks out the resident cat that was trying to sleep.  



 He checks out the Fish 


Mullet loved the attention! 

After the vet it was my turn for a check up…. 

WOODYS RIVER ROO – Ellenton, Fl. 

Just over the Skyway Bridge, located in Ellenton is a cool water front bar. That was the perfect spot to start “my” day. 


Woodys has a great view of the water.




We left Woods and went across the street to the Ellenton Mall. I needed a new pair of sunglasses and that was the place to go. I have worn Maui Jims for many years so why change something that works well for me. I can wear them at work and at play and they take a “helluva” beating. 


Maui Jim Banyans 412-02

Snappers in Distress!

After getting  my goodies, we traveled back towards St. Pete and as usual something weird always happens. There in our lane on the highway were two common snapping turtles. They were hot, tired and scared. I pulled over and put the turtles in a container that I had in the back of my “Jimmy”. 




Once in St. Pete, I stopped by a friend’s house, he has a wonderful pond, actually a small lake on his property, and let these little guys go. 

The El Cap


I visited a very good friend, Micheal Crose, a local radio personality and pest control business owner of We met at the El cap on 4th Street in St. Pete. I personally do not like the El Cap, there are many other places that have better burgers and better prices but it was close at the time. 

Done and back home

The rest of the day was spent renting a few vids, watching them with a friend and relaxing from a busy days events.

Thats it, It was a very slow day of events but enjoyable. I hope it did not bore you too much.   Seeya – Jim