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What’s under your house?

We were called to perform a termite inspection for a realestate deal. Everything looked ok inside and in the attic. Yes the house was old and yes the house was in dis-repair but all in all it was in good shape and with some good old fashioned elbow grease, it would shape up well.

The last place to look was underneath in the crawl area. As we approached the crawl space opening (no door) we noticed that it appeared the water had been freely running underneath due to the moist soil and the river bed appearance. Excessive water is never very good under a home, it will bring all kinds of problems for the home owner.

Just as soon as we were under the home we were greated by subterranean mudtubes hanging from the floor supports.

Subterranean termites use mudtubes as their super highway into your home, it protects them and them cool. Brandon Beucher took pictures of the subterranean termite evidence with our TMO HTC-HD2 cell phone.

In this case, the subteranean termite are trying to build their mudtubes downard  to reach the soil.

We checked the discovered that the home WAS treated prior at some time for subterranean termites by locating drill holes in the foundation wall (in the crawl area), but whomever treated this house (there was no treatment sticker) did NOT treat the supports. That created a great oppurtunity for the sub termites to regain entry.


Squirrel’s in the Attic

The squirrel can become a nuisance when it chews through the facia board or roof and gains access into your soffit and attic as this one did.

If you think you have a squirrel in your attic, think again. You have more than one, usually 4 or 5 or more. Squirrels are very social animals and will stay as a family unit. We caught three already!

Once we removed a small portion of the ceiling, we were able to be a better idea of what we were up against. Notice the “gnaw” marks around the pipes. these rascals have been doing some damage! squirrels can create tremendous damage in an attic.

If you try and resolve the squirrel problem yourself, you may end up enclosing a squirrel or squirrels in your attic which will cause major damage as the enclosed squirrel or squirrels will chew a, exit  hole to get out. If one or more of the squirrel family members are outside, they will assist the enclosed squirrel or squirrels in chewing the hole.

Here is a picture of some nesting material that was gathered up by the squirrel.

It is best to leave the squirrel removal and exclusion to a professional in the animal control or wildlife control field. Most of the time the problem can be corrected in a short time with no more damage caused. As a  wildlife professional, we  will also assist in preventative measures which will deter future problems with squirrels.

A squirrel can climb almost anything. If squirrels are determined to get somewhere, they will. There are devices that wildlife professionals use to help solve this problem and deter a squirrel or squirrels from climbing.

Remember, nuisance squirrels should be handled by a wildlife control professional.



I placed a squirrel Havahart Live Trap in the area of the attic cutout that was just previously made. This trap does not hurt the animal! Once captured, we will safely release it


This little fella and his friends will have a nice home away from this attic to lead a fun filled life. No squirrels were hurt during this whole operation, although I almost fell off the ladder, the squirrels were safe and happy!

Rat’s In The Attic

We were called to a residence that had a horrible problem with rats. The last owners moved out and left the new home owners with quite a mess.

 Sadly the pest company before us didn’t do their job very well.  Eighteen rats were caught by the tenants, not their pest control company!

Once there, entry the holes were closed and the snap traps were set. I was surprised that with so many rats in the attic, there was very little evidence.

Over a short period we pulled out a few rats in traps and it had been quiet  until yesterday. We were informed that there was a foul odor coming from the kitchen area.

When we arrived, all the windows were open as well as the doors. The stench of decaying rodents smacked us in the face immediately.

The kitchen had a drop ceiling and the smell appeared to be strongest there. Brandon climbed into the attic and started looking for a dead rodent(s) but could not find anything. The smell was faint, this puzzled us. Then as Brandon started digging through the  thick insulation I heard him say “Aha”!

Brandon had located a hole that led to the drop ceiling which was concealed by the heavy insulation.

A small opening in the insulation that was once unseen.

This hole was in such a position that Brandon could not look inside,  so we used our  T-mobile HTC-HD2 cell phone and took some pictures to get an idea of what was in the hole. The camera feature with its flash, worked very well.

As you can see, there is a heavy amount of rodent droppings just above their kitchen.

I guess T-mobile people can now say they have an Rodent Locater App. in their new HTC-HD2, lol.

The picture allowed us to locate the dead carcass and remove  it from its drop ceiling tomb.

Rodents in that attic can cause serious damage to your home and your health. Most people have openings around their home that they do not know even exist but the rat’s do!

Do you have a rat problem? Don’t want a rat problem? Call us 727-388-6759