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Keith Birkemeyer of ProBest Pest Management On Subterranean Termites

This is a great little vid from a great guy, Thanks Keith!


Subbie’s in the House

Actually, there were subterranean termites in the bathroom, but I am getting ahead of the story….

We received a telephone call for help about swarming termites in a bedroom.

The closet of our new customers daughter had a massive swarm and it was obvious to us where it was probably coming from since the bathroom was located on the other side of the girls closet.

At times like this, there is usually a water leak somewhere in the bathroom. We probed the floor trim in the bathroom with our professional termite probing tool otherwise known as a screwdriver. The baseboard’s were gone, even the gentlest touch of our probing tool crushed the termite eaten wood.

As luck would have it, the new customer was planning on completely gutting the bathroom in a few, what a break for us!

We spot treated the closet for the time being and then the rest of the exterior. We really needed to get in the bathroom but we could wait until the tubs, sink, toilet and walls were completely removed.

When we came back, this is what we faced…..

  Mudtubes were everywhere. Mudtubes are how subterranean termite travel once they have left the ground.

Check out the damage, all the way to the ceiling!

It turns out that the shower pan had been leaking, this provided a source of moisture for the little buggers.

We got’em  –  Bugmen 1  Subterranean Termite  0

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