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Subterranean Termites: In The Garage, Cockroach vs Termite

A friend of ours noticed some damage in his front room window sill while he was moving his furniture out of the house to move to another state. He called us and we went over to check it out. We are good at finding termites, basically..if they are there, we will find them.

Anyway, the window sill was infested and damaged by the subterranean termites but what he missed was a major problem in the garage!

When I went in, I noticed what appeared to be a subterranean termite mud tube creeping out from behind a large sheet of cardboard.

Subterranean termites really like cardboard, so when we moved the cardboard back…we discovered more mudtubes.

 Roach vs Subterranean Termite

Once the protection of the mud was removed, other insects move in for the kill.

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A professional treatment for subterranean termites was performed inside and out.

BTW, Brandon does not do all the work, I have to take the pictures!


What’s under your house?

We were called to perform a termite inspection for a realestate deal. Everything looked ok inside and in the attic. Yes the house was old and yes the house was in dis-repair but all in all it was in good shape and with some good old fashioned elbow grease, it would shape up well.

The last place to look was underneath in the crawl area. As we approached the crawl space opening (no door) we noticed that it appeared the water had been freely running underneath due to the moist soil and the river bed appearance. Excessive water is never very good under a home, it will bring all kinds of problems for the home owner.

Just as soon as we were under the home we were greated by subterranean mudtubes hanging from the floor supports.

Subterranean termites use mudtubes as their super highway into your home, it protects them and them cool. Brandon Beucher took pictures of the subterranean termite evidence with our TMO HTC-HD2 cell phone.

In this case, the subteranean termite are trying to build their mudtubes downard  to reach the soil.

We checked the discovered that the home WAS treated prior at some time for subterranean termites by locating drill holes in the foundation wall (in the crawl area), but whomever treated this house (there was no treatment sticker) did NOT treat the supports. That created a great oppurtunity for the sub termites to regain entry.