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“Worst Year For Rats”, Says Pest Control Company

Warm spring likely reason for outbreak

 By Tony Lofaro, The Ottawa Citizen  
 Those rats seen scurrying around Confederation Park are also invading homes and restaurants across the city, says an Ottawa pest control expert.

It’s not a full-fledged invasion but the rodents are rummaging through garbage and even entering improperly secured green bins, says David Saunders, owner of Paramount Pest Control.

“I can find rats … in many residential backyards all through Ottawa so it’s just not Confederation Park,” says Saunders, who has been in the pest control business for 21 years.

“People have this problem in their backyards, under their doorsteps and behind their garden sheds. When people feed birds and the bird seed falls to the ground it attracts a lot of rodents,” he says.

Saunders says his company has had its busiest year responding to rats and insect control calls. He suspects the outbreak is largely attributed to the warm spring the region experienced.

“This is the worst I’ve seen for rats in Ottawa, especially in residential areas,” he says.

National Capital Commission officials have resorted to calling in an exterminator to control rats spotted scurrying through Confederation Park, located at Elgin Street and Laurier Avenue, near the National Arts Centre and across the street from City Hall.

Eight poison-filled bait traps have been placed in the park. The traps read “rodenticide, do not touch.”

NCC spokesman Jean Wolff said this is the first time the Commission has experienced a rat problem at the downtown park. He said the traps seem to be working.

“The first indication is that we’re on the right track because in the last few weeks there has been fewer sightings of rats. But we hope to get the situation under control,” said Wolff.

The traps will be in place until the end of November, he said.

Wolff said he’s hoping the public will co-operate by properly disposing of trash in the park’s litter bins.

A warmer spring definitely led to a longer breeding season for the city’s rat population, says Saunders.

“Whenever you have a better food supply and a longer season all rodents and all insects tend to do better,” he says

Saunders says the region’s growing population and increased construction in the downtown core are also factors that contribute to more rats. He says rats are also getting into green bins because homeowners often forget to secure the lid.

“I don’t know how many customers’ homes I’ve gone to with a rat problem where they’ve got inside. If you can put your pinky finger in the bin then a rat is also able to pry his nose in and get inside,” he says.

Saunders says sloppy habits cause rat control problems. He says proper disposal of trash works.

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Willard (1971) – Full

I always liked this movie when I was young and I also liked th remake.

~ Jim Beucher 

Rat’s In The Attic

We were called to a residence that had a horrible problem with rats. The last owners moved out and left the new home owners with quite a mess.

 Sadly the pest company before us didn’t do their job very well.  Eighteen rats were caught by the tenants, not their pest control company!

Once there, entry the holes were closed and the snap traps were set. I was surprised that with so many rats in the attic, there was very little evidence.

Over a short period we pulled out a few rats in traps and it had been quiet  until yesterday. We were informed that there was a foul odor coming from the kitchen area.

When we arrived, all the windows were open as well as the doors. The stench of decaying rodents smacked us in the face immediately.

The kitchen had a drop ceiling and the smell appeared to be strongest there. Brandon climbed into the attic and started looking for a dead rodent(s) but could not find anything. The smell was faint, this puzzled us. Then as Brandon started digging through the  thick insulation I heard him say “Aha”!

Brandon had located a hole that led to the drop ceiling which was concealed by the heavy insulation.

A small opening in the insulation that was once unseen.

This hole was in such a position that Brandon could not look inside,  so we used our  T-mobile HTC-HD2 cell phone and took some pictures to get an idea of what was in the hole. The camera feature with its flash, worked very well.

As you can see, there is a heavy amount of rodent droppings just above their kitchen.

I guess T-mobile people can now say they have an Rodent Locater App. in their new HTC-HD2, lol.

The picture allowed us to locate the dead carcass and remove  it from its drop ceiling tomb.

Rodents in that attic can cause serious damage to your home and your health. Most people have openings around their home that they do not know even exist but the rat’s do!

Do you have a rat problem? Don’t want a rat problem? Call us 727-388-6759