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Bedbugs hitch at ride to Fresno for a bite

By Barbara Anderson / The Fresno Bee

Add Fresno to the list of cities under attack by bedbugs.

The bloodsucking pests have been a growing and highly visible problem in New York City for months — and now they’re here in force, pest-control operators say.

While the New York outbreak has struck hotels and public places, bedbugs in Fresno are mostly turning up in homes, pest-control operators say.

But the bugs can spread quickly, and there’s no way to know just how many there are. The Fresno County Department of Public Health doesn’t keep track of bedbug complaints like they do measles or mumps.

A bedbug is about the size of an apple seed when mature. The bugs feed on human blood, like ticks, and multiply quickly, hatching more than 12 eggs a week, Clay said. They can be clear, but after a blood meal, they can be reddish-brown, he said.