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A Fun Day At The Skyway

We awoke today with one thing on our mind and that was to go the Skyway Bridge area and  walk around the grass flats. My son and I have done this since he was in diapers and we still enjoy it today.

If your going south on I275, just as you travel through the toll booth, look to your left. There you will see a line of mangrove trees and on the other side of those trees is the waters of Tampa Bay.

Inside the mangrove trees

We usually take the dog but not today, it was just for us. We chased crabs and picked up snails and even crept around the mangroves some, just to see whats in there.  We stayed away from the birds as we did not wish to disturb them.




It was a fun in the sun day…too much sun. I am cooked, stick a fork in me cause I am done! Thats why I am not writting too much here…its Aloe time, lol.






Seeya until next post on the Beucher & Son Pest Blog